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Subject: Re: Hacking a typewriter into a teletype
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On 12 Feb 2010 at 6:36, Christian Liendo wrote:

> I figured some one on this list would find this useful. 

Didn't a number of Brother typewriter models have the capability of 
also serving as printers--without modifications?  I also wonder if it 
might not be better to start with a word-processor type of 

Mr. Obvious on the web page stated:

"it also revealed that avr-gcc's code generation is very poorly 



There's a genuine Brother computer>typewriter RO interface
for sale right now ($5) on the Vintage Computer auction site.

And if anyone wants to convert an Olivetti typewriter, I still 
have a box full of interfaces for several models from the
days when I was involved in their sales and support.


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