Tubes (was OT: Televisions)

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Feb 17 12:58:48 CST 2010

> > What are the people with these high-end Tube Amps using for thier AM/FM
> > radio's? =A0Or are they simply connected to high-end turntables?
> They generally do not use their tuners, even if they have them. Even
> so, 99* percent of the tubes used in AM/FM tuners are common as dirt -
> no need for new production.
> * Without doing research, name one that fits in the 1 percent -
> generally not what you think.

Some of the tuning indicators (Magic Eyes, Eye Tubes) are getting harder to 
find now. Was that beam-=switching pentode ever used in FM Tuners in the 
Ststes (it never was in the UK). It's very hard to find over here.but 
that might be a country thing.


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