Tubes & Computers of Olden Days

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Thu Feb 18 11:01:18 CST 2010

>  Speaking of tubes, television variety or otherwise, does anyone know
> if there are any tube-based computers, large or small, still in
> existence?
> I saw parts of one a few years ago at the Computer History Museum in
> Silicon Valley but none that have approached a 'working' unit or
> sub-unit!

I have never done an accurate study, but I think the count is
somewhere around 25 tube computers still around in this world. I do
not think any in the US are running, but I think there may be a
running machine in the UK.

The chances of more tube computers coming out of the woodwork is very,
very slim, but it has happened in the past few years. It is actually
reasonable to think that someone could have an IBM 650 or Bendix G-15
tucked away in a basement or garage.


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