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Thu Feb 18 19:21:11 CST 2010

 >Tony Duell wrote:

>>On Feb 17, 2010, at 1:27 PM, Tony Duell wrote:
>>>>I've never seen, nor heard of anything but white phosphor VT100s.
>>>Many years ago I saw a VT100 with what was cal;ed a 'retrographics  
>>>fitted. This was a third-party add-on that connected to various
>>>connectors on the normal VT100 logic board and which gave (for the  
>>>high resolution graphics. (No, I don't mean a VT105 board, this thing
>>>allowed to you to set or clear each pixel).
>>>Anyway, I seem to rememeb this unit had a green phosphor CRT in it. It
>>>was almost caetainly not DEC-original, it was probably changed when  
>>>retrographics boar dwas fitted.
>>   That was called, I think, a "VT640" or something similar.  It  
>>wasn't a DEC product.  I had one a very long time ago (late 1980s I  
>>think) and it was dead.  I don't know where it ended up.
>It was partly a DEC product  :-). The chassis,case, keyboard PSU, bideo 
>board and logic board were all stock DEC parts. There was a paddleboard 
>(non-DEC) in that bridging edge connector that intercepts the lines to 
>the RS232 conenctor. And another board full of chips (including IIRC a 
>Z80) to do the graphics.
>I assumed from the name that this board could be retro-fitted into a 
>stock VT100.
Somewhere over the decades, I acquired what looks like a VT100 on the 
A company by the name of ID Systems Corporation seems to have almost 
replaced the internal hardware and ended up with a color monitor as 
Model ID-100V.
Unfortunately, there is no date.

At one point, I attempted to see if it was working, but without any 
documentation, the
only indication of color was during the SETUP modes.

The monitor seems to be about twice as heavy as a normal VT100, probably 
due to a replaced power supply.  I don't have the time at the moment to 
look inside.
Does anyone have any additional information?  Are there any manuals 

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine

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