Nicolet DSO

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Thu Feb 25 01:18:11 CST 2010

> > Fired it up, seems to work for capturing sine wave from finger on input. Still
> > have to figure out some of the functions. I take it the 1H, 2H, 1Q, 2Q, etc.
> > modes are for recording in interleaved halves or quarters of memory? Do you
> > know if the SUB function subtracts a new sweep from the currently active
> > memory, or does it operate on two portions of already-recorded memory?

>  It processes data in menory. Which it uses depends on where the memory switch
> is. It also records the two input channels in the two halves when the memory
> is set to all.
>  The following are valid memory settings for subraction:
> Q3   Q1-Q3 into Q3
> Q2   Q4-Q2 into Q2
> Q4   Q2-Q4 into Q4
> H1    H2-H1 into H1
> H2    H1-H2 into H2
> All No effect
>  The memory is 4K total. Each quarter is 1K. When recodrding
> differential, one channel goes to H1 and the other H2 with
> All set.
>  The invert allows one to add to by first inverting and then
> subracted.

Thanks, all that will give me a little more direction when I try playing with
it next.
I know they're are some functions listed I'm forgetting right now.

>  With the disk system that mine has, I can recall previous
> recodered results and do math on them.
>  The one thing I found offensive has to do with the Pin operation.
> This sends the screen info to a XY plotter. The problem I found
> is that in order to use the memory effectively in XY mode for
> my analog computer, I need to do sparce sampling. When doing
> the pen mode, it does a square move from dot to dot. In other
> words, it does the move in one axis and then moves in the other axis.
> For the sparce sampling that I have it make the plotting
> worthless. I'd have thought that with the 2901's, it could
> have done the math to draw lines between the dot.

I think they're were some PROM's in there, so it may be a programmed state
machine, but probably not much memory available considering everything else it
is doing.

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