Commodore 1520 Plotter

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Feb 28 15:44:10 CST 2010

> Tony Duell wrote:
> > They're the same pens as for many other 'plotters' -- like the Radio 
> > Shack CGP115, Sharp CE150, etc. If anyone knows of a current source [1] 
> > I've got several of the machines...
> >   
> I have an elecronic typewriter/printer with this mechanism..  the 
> difference is it has a 210mm  (8 1/4 inch) A4 platten instead of the 
> toilet roll width.
> Its a Brother i think!

Yes, I have one of those somewhere. You could automatically draw bar 
charts and pie charts from data entered at the keyboard. It also has a 
Centronics input which uses the same command set as the stand-alone 
smaller plotters. This typewriter came with 2 sets of pens. One was the 
normal black/blue/green/red set. The other included a pen full of Tipp-Ex 
type correcting fluid. Yes, you did delete a character from the paper by 
writing it with that pen (!).


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