Compaq Portable II - Restoration Problem, Help requested

jim s jws at
Sat Jan 2 05:47:01 CST 2010

I received 2 copies of each diskette that Tom created for he and I.  My 
Compaq Portable III booted both the setup disks successfully.  (also no 
write protects were killed in the testing)

The images are created from Soft Paq's that I archived before had them removed, and are not copies, but rather 
generated from those utilities.  If anyone needs more information on 
those let me know.  I have both the 720k and 360k versions.  Tom was 
careful to use blank diskettes in a high density drive, etc. to create 
the 360k ones I tried.

below is a link to the splash screen from the setup disk

The bootup process includes a few second delay, then a long seek, then 
about 10 seconds of short seeks / chatter, then another long seek.

Tom is hearing none of this, so it is sounding like something very early 
and very fundamental.

Hope this unleashes some other ideas for him.


Geoffrey Reed wrote:
> If you take the floppy drive and hook it up to another pc, can you read or
> boot from those disks?

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