(a bit OT) Tube radios

Ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Sat Jan 2 21:45:04 CST 2010

steve stutman wrote:
> David Griffith wrote:
>> Is there someone here who has built/designed an am/fm radio using
>> currently manufactured vacuum tubes? If so, please point me in the
>> right direction.

> If def of "currently mfg'ed" is literal, you may have issues. Virtually
> all the tubes which would make decent FM front ends / converters were
> made in USA and EU; stress were.

Count on a big box of stuff. Your best bet is to find a older 'top' 
quality tuner and rebuild it. Today's tuners are for 'cheap sound'.
Look around, you can still get them if you shop wisely on the net.
PS. The problem with DIY is that tube radio transformers are hard to
come by.

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