desoldering problems and technique (and amiga 2000 mod)

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Jan 4 14:40:01 CST 2010

> On Sun, 3 Jan 2010, Gene Buckle wrote:
> >> Now it's time to solder the isa connectors to the 2000 motherboard.
> >> It's the scary part for me.  :-)
> >> 
> > Does anyone know why the connectors were left off the board in the first 
> > place?  It seems kind of silly since they went to the effort to route the 
> > signals and have the holes drilled.
> To save $0.50 per slot, I'd imagine.

There were some 8-bit ISA cards which will not fit in a 16 bit slot -- 
the board hangs down in front of the edge conenctor fingers and it bangs 
into the extra part of the connecotr. One of the original PC video cards 
is like that, I forget if it's the MDA or CGA one. That's why there are 2 
8-bit slots in the 5170, I think (in the PC/XT286, there actually wans't 
room on the motherboard for the extra connectors -- the 8 bit slots have 
chips where the extra connector would have been).


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