HP Integral / display schematic ?

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 4 15:08:35 CST 2010

> > I think you should look at these patents :
> > US4707692, US4642524 and USD322603(this one is a design patent but
> > interesting)
> Will do.

Have done :-). I guess that explains the 5 or so adjustable inductors on 
the PCB. What I find curious, though is that the patents were granted to 
HP, but the display module says 'Sharp' all over it. I could understnad 
HP buying the 'glass' from SHarp and putting their own deiver board on 
it, but getting Sharp to make the board with HP technology? Seems odd. 
There are plenty of times where HP have bought in subassemblies and added 
their own electronics, of course -- the disk drive in the 9885 is a 
Shugart 801 chassis with HP electronics, the Tandon TM100s (HP9130) used 
in the HP9836, etc are 'HPed' by having gold-plated PCBs, etc.

Anyway, getting back to this display module, I have tracked down data on 
some of the obscure ICs : 

On the PCB, 

IR3M01 is a SMPSU controller similar to more common ones but with a 
different pinout. 

IR2411 is 7 darlington drivers, similar to the ULN2003 etc

Which leaves the LZ91E11. Alas I suspect this is some kind of gate 
array/ULA. I cna find nothing on it.

On the flexiprint,

LZ1132BM and LZ1032AM are 32-output high-voltage drivers, with a shift 
register on the input. 

LZ1030M is just 32 diodes, common anode connection

LZ1232M is described as 'Dot Matrix Display Driver'. I can find nothing 
more on it (I've found pinouts for the other ICs on the flexiprint).

When I've completed the current projects, I may well take another serious 
look at that display module.


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