HP Integral / display schematic ?

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 4 14:37:58 CST 2010


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> Onderwerp: Re: HP Integral / display schematic ?
> > On the net there is also mentioned that Epson made the displays.
> Well, I can't find a maker's name on the actual display, but 
> the PCB and many of the chips (including those on the 
> flexiprints going to the display glass) say 'Sharp' on them.
> > So may be, there where two or more suppliers for the displays ..
> I guess there were. Given that the module i have connects 
> directly to the Logic B PCB, I guess that is the one the 
> machine was designed to use. If the Epson display needs the 
> interface PCB to provide the blanking signal, etc, it would 
> suggest that it was hacked in for some reason.
> It would be interesting to know the serial numbers of 
> machines with each type of display. Was it that the Epson 
> display was used in early machines (implying the Sharp one 
> wasn't available in time, so they had to do the kludge to 
> have working machines), or was it that the Epson display was 
> used in late machines (possibly the Sharp display was 
> discontinued and they had to find a replacement) or what?
> > I'll check mine this week and will put some pictures online.
> If necessary I can take mine apart again and photograph it...
> > I think you should look at these patents :
> > US4707692, US4642524 and USD322603(this one is a design patent but
> > interesting)
> Will do.
> -tony

I'll placed the picture online this evening.
Quick pics but I'll think they do.
Reading your description of your display I think mine is the same.


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