OS/2-related stuff, low-$

Steven M Jones classiccmp at crash.com
Fri Jan 8 14:37:13 CST 2010

At work we're clearing out half my floor to consolidate office space. 
What we don't set aside or spirit away by EOD today will be cleared out 
by some contractor next week.

We've been told repeatedly that the stuff will be trashed, not salvaged, 
and they don't use open/untended dumpsters. We also have /assinine/ 
[sic] rules about removal of anything and everything from the office - I 
can't haul out plain boxes of stuff, but if it fits in a bag or backpack 
I can slowly remove it. It's enough of a pain that I'm asking for a 
couple bucks more than just S&H, but if it will be useful to somebody 
I'll do it - just buy me a beer per item. PayPal preferred.

There are two different boxed editions of C++ Set dev tools for OS/2, 
numbers 2.1 are in there somewhere. Don't have them in front of me or 
I'd provide details, but they both included media and some books.

I can grab at least a half dozen shrink-wrapped boxes of Sytos Premium 
backup/recovery software for OS/2 by Arcada/Seagate ("Supports OS/2 Warp 
& Lan Server 4.0! Includes Graham Utilities Light!").

Have a genuine IBM box of "OS/2 Programming Tools & Information Version 
1.2/1.3 Technical Upgrade 3.5'' Diskettes" with diskettes and manuals, 
mentions PM/2 and "C2, COBOL/2, FORTRAN/2 and Macro Assembler/2" bindings.

Unboxed, I have the following developer bits in front of me:

Collection 1:
IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.0 media kit on 3.5" floppy
IBM C/C++ Tools/2 2.0 media kit on 3.5" floppy
(these appear complete, but I cannot verify)
- Dev Toolkit Getting Started guide
- C/C++ Tools 2.0 Class Libraries Reference Summary
- "  "  " UI Class Library User's Guide
- "  "  " Programming Guide

Collection 2:
IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1 media kit on CD & 3.5" floppy still 
IBM C/C++ FirstStep Tools 2.01 media kit on 3.5" floppy still bagged
- Developer's Toolkit 2.1 Getting Started Guide
- FirstStep Tools Programming Guide
- "  "  " Debugger Introduction & Reference Summary

If you're willing to cover shipping and a couple bucks for an item, let 
me know. First come, first served. I'll try shipping outside the US up 
until the paperwork becomes a pain, but will let you know and return 
funds if it falls through. For reference I'm in California, shipping 
from ZIP code 94596 or I can arrange to meet in the East (SF) Bay.


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