Apple LC2

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Mon Jan 11 15:41:01 CST 2010

On 1/11/10, Alexandre Souza - Listas <pu1bzz.listas at> wrote:
>> While not strictly unobtanium, I wouldn't be sure where to get that
>> DA26HD from right now.
>     Here?
>     So easy :) Look for DB25HD on Digikey :D

At least the body of the spec does acknowledge that it's a "DA" shell.

Thanks for posting that.  I should probably buy a DB44HD from them
(presuming they have them - I have not yet checked) to make an
external IDE cable for my Planar 486DX100 "medical PC" (integral CPU,
2.5" drive, LCD, PCMCIA, 1x ISA bedside computer for patient
monitoring apps) - same CPU board as at least one brand of keyboard
"netstations" from the Novell era.  The Planar has a DB25 for external
floppy and a DB44HD for external CD-ROM.  It's easy enough to pin them
out, but was never able to make a CD-ROM cable.  This machine, BTW, is
the one that uses bizzaro 2MB and 8MB 30 pin SIMMs... that's right...
they are 2-chip/4-chip SIMMs that are apparently reusing some line for
an extra row or column.  Mine came with 4x 2MB SIMMs and 4x4MB
half-empty SIMMs.  I'd love to find a few 8MB SIMMs for this - I have
one set I can fully populate (with the right 16Mbit SMT DRAMs - they
are pre-EDO), but I have several of these CPU boards.

Anyway... good to know that it's still easy to find 3-row HD
connectors in sizes larger than VGA connectors.


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