Apple LC2

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Jan 12 15:01:12 CST 2010

> > While not strictly unobtanium, I wouldn't be sure where to get that
> > DA26HD from right now.
>     Here?
>     So easy :) Look for DB25HD on Digikey :D 

Why would you search for D_B_ anything? It's an A-size shell...

Anyway, I've found all sorts of odd connectors at Digikey. They haev a 
good range of edge connectors (0.125" and 0.156" pitch edge connectors 
are almost unobtainable over here), they were also the only place I could 
get a cable-mounting microribbon socket.

And I diskvoerd they sell UNC nuts and bolts :-). You haev to buy them in 
packets of 100, but that's not an excessive number. So I now haev a box 
of the most common types here...


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