HDD settings on i386 AWARD BIOS

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 12 15:04:19 CST 2010

> > Of course, if this is an IDE or SCSI drive and controller, the=20
> > controller should have its own BIOS to work in a setup like this.  If=20
> > it doesn't, you need to find one unless you're into BIOS hacking.
> Uh? Had these multi-id controllers have their own BIOS extension? My

I was wondering about that too. The IDE interface is essentially the same 
at the I/O port level as the original PC/AT hard disk controller, so it 
whould work with the standard motherboard BIOS. 

FWIW. I have an IDE hard disk in this PC. The controller is a 
slightly-hacked one using a few TTL chips and an address decoder PAL. 
There is no BIOS extension ROM, the original IBM BIOS talks to it just 
fine. I did have to modify the drive parameter table (IBM didn't have 
user-definded drive types on the PC/AT), but given the TechRefs that was 
a trivial job.


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