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Ben bfranchuk at
Thu Jan 14 11:18:20 CST 2010

>> What have you sell, that can be shipped and in *small packages*?
>> Let me know now, and I can plan to scrape up cash. What I allways
>> wanted was a Heath 11, or something that has a OS, 32KB of memory
>> a PDP 11 cpu and working media bigger than mini-floppy size.
> I would suggest that you aim a bit higher at a BA23 box since they
> are probably just as available as a PDP-11/03 as far as the backplane
> is concerned. MegaByte memory should also be available, so the
> minimum CPU would be a PDP-11/23. V05.00 of RT-11 supports
> the use of the full 4 MegaBytes of the memory and is available.

Well I need real hardware first,how ever 18 bit adressing is ample
for me, providing I have mass media that will last a few more years.
I know nothing about what software or hardware is for the PDP 11
since it was never marketed as a personal product.

> Since you are mostly a hardware person (if you want a Heath 11),
> what do you actually do with a computer after you have it running?
> I ask that since I am a software person. There seems to be an endless
> supply of software challenges once the hardware is working.

Well I would like to get a OS and assember/linker/editor as
basic software, but I have no idea cost or legal issues of said items.
PDP 8 software I find on the web, PDP 11 stuff I don't think so.

> Also, which operating system? In RT-11, the DY.SYS device driver
> works very well. BUT the DYX.SYS device driver supports ONLY
> an 18 bit address, so the user buffer MUST be below 1/4 MegaByte
> in the extended memory for the DEC release. Since all of the DEC
> utility programs avoid the use of extended memory, a user buffer above
> 1/4 MegaByte is a problem only if VBGEXE is being used with a DEC
> utility program.

I am single user here,small is better.

> Sincerely yours,
> Jerome Fine
Thank you.

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