Be careful handling computer racks

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jan 15 15:20:22 CST 2010

>    I was 30 feet off the floor working on a bridge crane once, and a 
> laborer on the ground:
> 1) Removed the red flag tying the fuse-box closed**
> 2) Installed the 2 fuses I had removed from the crane circuit
> 3) Threw the crossbar switch, and

One think I knew before I even went to school is that you _never_ turn on 
an isolator switch unless you are darn sure it's safe for everyone if you 
do so. Peirod.

> 4) Walked back over to the control pendant and started moving the bridge 
> down the shop.
>    All without ever looking up, or apparently even removing his brain 
> from his anus.
>    I was VERY fortunate that I didn't have my hands anywhere near 
> current or moving parts, but I was sitting on the edge of the bridge and 
> damn near fell off when it started moving.
>    The guy that did it was quite offended when I started throwing tools 
> at him.

I think that idiot should have eneded up being supseded from the crane. 
You can choose how you decide to do this :-)


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