Infoton Terminals

B M iamvirtual at
Mon Jan 18 20:42:41 CST 2010

I need to repair both of the terminals.   :-(

I am hoping to find a technical reference and in particular, a
schematic.  I have not found any information about these terminals
yet.  The first step is to identify the particular model.  The
model/serial number is given as an Infoton 1200, but I have not seen
any references to this particular model.

I am a software guy by trade, but am minimally knowledgeable about
hardware.  I have access to an oscilloscope as well as a logic
analyzer (unknown if either work!).



>    B M <iamvirtual at>  writes:
>> I am looking for manuals on Infoton terminals.
>Are you looking to program for one or repair one?  For the escape
>sequences you can probably figure it out from termcap/terminfo
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