starting my relay computer project

Ben bfranchuk at
Thu Jan 21 23:55:25 CST 2010

Randy Dawson wrote:
> Hi Group,
> After years and years of interest in this, way back to the sci am 'Ameteur Scientist' articles, I am beginning this project.
> I
> have a unique and amazing resource, I work for a semiconductor company
> in test engineering, and we use tons of those little TO-5 Teledyne
> relays in our IC test boards.  I have scavenged>1000 or so for the
> project, so its not going to be a giant machine like Harry Porters:

What about a ROBOT with a ELECTRONIC BRAIN?
I think Scientific American had a project book , 1965 ish with all sorts
of electro-mechanical things.

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