General machine cleaning

John Foust jfoust at
Mon Jan 25 13:29:36 CST 2010

At 10:03 AM 1/25/2010, you wrote:
>Not sure how it is about taking goo off, but for cleaning up old machines in
>general, I like those Magic Erasers from Mr Clean.  I haven't looked into
>the ingredients, but whatever's in it, they hit the nail of the head.  If
>you have some machines that have marker writing in stead of an asset tag,
>this might take it off.  For me, it's worked in some cases and not others.
>It will take those general hard to remove scuffs off also.  I start cleaning
>new machines by first scrubbing them with baby wipes, then a magic eraser.

"In the early 21st century it was discovered that melamine foam was an 
effective abrasive cleaner. The open cell foam is microporous and its 
polymeric substance is extremely hard, so that when used for cleaning 
it works like extremely fine sandpaper, getting into tiny grooves and 
pits in the object being cleaned."

- John

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