Amiga Slingshot

e.stiebler emu at
Thu Jan 28 11:09:07 CST 2010

Keith wrote:
> I've got a minimig, but I really wouldn't consider the minimig 
> competition.  I definitely like using the original A500 hardware with my 
> 68030 accelerator, 3mb of ram (2mb 32-bit fastram, 1 meg chip), and 
> external IDE harddrive(s).  My biggest fear is turning on the machine 
> and either the accelerator card failing, or the IDE interface going.

Probably it changes for you, as soon as the 68030 minimigs are out ?

> I've got the harddrive imaged, so there's no fear of losing data.

Which is even easier, if all your data is on a memory stick ?


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