6809 SBC (was Editor religious wars (was Re: Museums))

Ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Thu Jan 28 21:36:38 CST 2010

Geoffrey Reed wrote:

>> Thanks for the suggestion but I was hoping for something actually had a 6809
>> chip on it.
> There is a IO mezzanine board in the works that will make the 6809 board
> more of a full system.
Well if remember right a 2 MHZ 6809 with Memory Managment Unit
could run 2 to 5 users under OS/9 level two at modest serial
baud rates.( 300 to 1200 baud ) That to me is a full system. I consider 
a 6809,  1/3 a PDP 11 in computing power as a ballpark.

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