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No kidding... the Atari ST was pretty prominent in the music industry. That's probably the only market it really made inroads in.. at least in North America. I think Germany was also a big market for them as well.

On Jan 30, 2010, at 12:45 PM, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

>>> And the built-in MIDI. That was its killer feature to my musician buddy who
>>> used an ST up until only a few years ago, when he replaced it with a Mac.
>> What is this, 1987?  Amiga realized the importance of MIDI.  I still have my
>> pre-release handmade dongle that RJ sent me.  Commercial MIDI adapters were
>> pretty cheap, which satisfied the tiny fraction of the market who wanted MIDI.
> I don't know much about MIDI on the Amiga, but I saw (my personal experience)
> many more STs doing music work than Amigas. If Amiga had this by 1987, it
> was obviously too late to make a significant dent in that particular niche,
> at least around here.
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