Classic Computing Appreciation Night starting up in Perth, Australia

Peter Dreisiger prd at
Thu Jul 1 09:24:30 CDT 2010

Hello all,

This is just a short email to let the West Australian members know that
the Artifactory, Perth's very own Hackerspace (in the correct sense of
the word), has started hosting a regular, fortnightly event called
'Classic Computing Appreciation Night'.  Several of our current members
have at least a passing interest in collecting, restoring and setting up
classic computers; as this event is being run in conjunction with our
'Circuit Hacking Mondays', there should also be at least one or two
people around to help with the troubleshooting and repair of your
favourite micro- or mini-computer.

The space's electronics facilities include several soldering stations
and CROs, PAL/SECAM/NTSC and analogue RGB monitors, a logic analyser and
an (E)EPROM programmer.  Depending on the demand, there may also be a PC
capable of reading from, and writing to, most common 3.5" and 5.25"
floppy disk and tape formats; we also have a fairly respectable
collection of OS installation kits for many DEC, SUN, HP, SGI, IBM
RS/6000, Apple, Commodore and Amiga systems.  And for the particularly
adventurous, the space also has a home-designed and built CNC milling
machine and a RepRap 3D printer that could be used to machine or
(literally) print replacement parts and panels.

The space is located in Mount Lawley, and all are welcome.  Advice and
ideas are free; workshop use is free for members of the hackerspace, or
$10 waged/$5 unwaged.  See for more
details of the event, and and for information about the
hackerspace movement in general.

Hope to see some of you there,


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