(OT) Laserjet III laser scanner module

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 2 14:26:06 CDT 2010

> > But are replaceemnt CCD sensors for most video cameras any easier to
> >  find than replacement eyes?
> Uh, yes, and it's a whole lot easier to replace.  Plus, nice, non-HD-

My expeirence in getting parts for camcorders suggests that CCDs and 
human eyes are equally difficult to obtain and replace -- that is almost 
impossible ;-)

> capable video cameras should be really inexpensive on the used market 
> these days.  You could get a few, and use a few of them to pull spare 
> parts from.  It's not like the things are rare or hard to find, if 
> you're not too picky about the exact model.

If you want to replace the image sensor you pretty much do need to get 
the exact same model (or at least a closely related one...)

> Plus, with the proper filter on the camera, you're unlikely to damage 
> the CCD.  I'd much rather risk losing an easily replacable NTSC or PAL 
> video camera than my vision.

That is problably sensible. I've said many times that hte 3 parts of me 
that I depend on are my vision, my hands, and my brain. Most other things 
(legs, hearing, etc) I could maange without (this does not mean I am 
goign to deliberately harm myself), but I use the first 3 for everything 
I do...


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