VCF in the UK

Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Jul 5 13:59:13 CDT 2010

On Fri, 2 Jul 2010, Murray McCullough wrote:
> ZDNet a mainstream media company looked at VCF UK. It showed British-micro
> history. Very interesting...could have had more commentary! Great pictures
> though.

Well, that may be a plus.
Cutesy and very inaccurate news commentary about archaic, obsolete,
"useless" old stuff tends to get us riled up.

My experiences with ZDNet have usually been with young 30-something
and 40-something kids whose "first computer" was Pentium with Windoze.

Let's see, . . . (think Cringely?)
Ed Roberts said, "Let there be light", and produced the Altair or Imsai or
something.  Then came the Apple ][, then the IBM PC, and then the
Macintosh.  Anything else along the way didn't matter.


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