regarding Datamaster's and such

Shannon Spurling sspurling at
Fri Jul 9 22:17:40 CDT 2010

  Well, I have what is labeled as an IBM 5324. It appears to be a three 
piece system from the datamaster line, with a seperate CPU tower, 
monitor, keyboard, and printer. Only thing is, I can find no information 
on this thing actually being made. I am trying to verify that the power 
supply is actually working, but I have no data on it. Now, I also asked 
about basic in ROM. Someone said they didn't. I read they did, or at 
least some of them did. I can't find anything on an operating system, 
and the thing appears to have a lot of rom chips on the board.

These are the things I have found so far:

IBM indicates some hardware and software options in the datamaster line 
in their 1982 summary documents. Nothing else indicates anything other 
than a one piece unit was offered. Nothing else indicates a model with 
this number even though this thing is tagged all over as IBM hardware 
made in New York.


The OS is listed as built in basic, and the ram card and CPU "module" in 
this system is the same as what you see in my tower unit. You can see 
the floppy controller card plugged in on the far side of the CPU card 
with the yellow interface cable wires. In fact, I just need to know the 
nominal voltages that should be found on that red power connector. I 
have a feeling that I am missing some +5 and +12 power feeds, but I need 
to know what I am looking at. I measured using chassis ground and only 
got voltages on a couple of pins, and they all appeared to be negative. 
I think I am going to have to open the power supply, but those large 
caps always make me nervous.
This is the same board, way different format, and all genuine IBM. I 
have that same green monitor in a separate unit with two cables that 
connect back to the tower. It has two legs that go up in the monitor 
cabinet that the thing can lift and drop on, and tilt.

It has been in "storage" for a while, so I rather clean it up before I 
take any pictures of it. Maybe I'll get a chance to do that next week. 
If I need any software or 8" floppies where can I find those? And is 
there any refrence manuals? You would think someone could find this 
stuff online someplace.



On 7/7/2010 1:21 AM, steven stengel wrote:
> I have a Datamaster, but I missed the conversation.
> Is there something I can help with?
> Mine is buried only one-deep.
> --- On Tue, 7/6/10, Chris M<chrism3667 at>  wrote:
>> From: Chris M<chrism3667 at>
>> Subject: regarding Datamaster's and such
>> To: "talk"<cctalk at>
>> Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2010, 3:55 PM
>> a picture (or 2) might help Sharon
>> :)
>> IIRC, the *8085* in the System 23/Datamaster wasn't
>> identified as such. It had some sort of IBM house number.
>> Haven't opened mine in a while, but that's what I remember.
>> Be specific about what you mean by p/s issues. And if
>> that's the case, you're advised to test the voltages under
>> load...but not the motherboard load/s.
>> Perhaps you have a repackaged Datamaster. Mine
>> unfortunately is *unavailable* for perusal at this present
>> time. I do believe there are other people on the list that
>> have one, but they don't seem to participate these days.
>> Mine is buried beneath about 12 other machines (was I
>> supposed to put it on top? It weighs ~95 lbs yer know).

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