Iomega Bernoulli Box 20+20 (A220H)

Rick Murphy rick at
Sat Jul 10 21:31:18 CDT 2010

At 08:22 PM 7/10/2010, Michael B. Brutman wrote:

>I think I have a cabling problem.  I was able to hack together a 
>solution that allowed me to connect directly to the drive, bypassing 
>the DC37 connector.  The drive showed up on the SCSI chain, but that's 
>as far as I'm going to get without media.
>So yes, I think it is SCSI.  Just need to figure out the cabling 
>problem.  The cable that I got looked like a sure bet - Centronics 
>style connector on one side, DC37 on the other.

Rats. I really hoped that the cable would work. I did look around for 
the controller card that went along with it, but no luck.
It was a small 8-bit ISA card with basically a simple SCSI/SASI chip 
and not much else. Unfortunately, I dumped most of my ISA boards a year 
or so ago.

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