Mosaic-CK 2.7ck9

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Sun Jul 11 20:53:41 CDT 2010

For those who follow my Mosaic-CK project, version 2.7ck9 is out, which
improves the basic NCSA Mosaic rendering core with improved horizontal
positioning, makes image loads asynchronous, adds a Dock icon and better
integration with Mac OS X, and fixes a lot of bugs.

For those who don't, it's my little playground and historical preservation
of NCSA Mosaic, updated to build and run on modern operating systems, with
both an alternative renderer to actually be vaguely useful as a basic
browser and the classic renderer to show people just how far we've come.

Binary available for Mac OS X 10.4+. Should build on just about anything
with gcc 2 or better and X11R5 or higher. I'm slowly working on getting my
Solbourne S3000 back in shape so I can build binaries on that too (they
would likely be generically SPARC compatible, but this probably builds on
SunOS already anyway).

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