68K ISA project

Richard Cini rich.cini at verizon.net
Tue Jul 13 20:31:08 CDT 2010

I know that I have the board support archive somewhere (schematics in PS,
format) but I have to locate it. There's also a 68k board from James
Antonakos, Peter Stark, Theo Markettos and one from "Scotty".

I'm not able to retrieve these from my home network at this point but when I
get back home, I'll create a little 68k page on my Web site and let y'all
know about it.


On 7/13/10 8:36 PM, "Tom Watson" <tsw-cc at johana.com> wrote:

> I believe that the project you are interested in is the one done by Ingo
> Cyliax at Indiana University.  He developed (for a class I believe) an ISA
> form factor board that had a MC68030.  At one time I had all the artwork &
> schematics (I may still??).  A search brought up a couple of references, but
> the page at Indiana University seems to have been taken down.  It was a pretty
> good system, including interfaces for keyboards and mice (I believe).  It DID
> have ISA slots, and the ROM software worked against a standard
> IDE/Serial/Parallel board set, booting the disk.  The memory was fixed at 4
> megs (I may be wrong at this), and used the synchronous interface of the
> MC68030.  The ISA portion used the async interface for the ISA timing, and an
> interrupt multiplexer multi interface chip (MC68901??) to handle the keyboard
> I/O.
> The web site also included a frame buffer that used an alternate interface
> that was provided for.  I believe that there was an edition of Minix that ran
> on it as well.  I suspect that with a little work 68k Linux ought to work, as
> the MC68030 has an MMU.
> Maybe someone can use this information to access the Wayback machine and get a
> proper pointer.
> Hope this helps.


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