ACE xx2247 key

Ian King IanK at
Wed Jul 14 16:37:25 CDT 2010

I have seen these on eBay quite often.  That's where I got the one for my 8/e.  :-)  

Also, it is possible to rotate the cam that engages the microswitches behind the key so that the machine is "always on" and you can control the power with a powerstrip.  That's how my 8/e was when I got it.  It doesn't damage the machine but allows you to power it until you can find a key.  -- Ian 

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> Hello. I sent this request initially to PDP8-Lovers list, but I send
> the
> same request here in the confidence of some help.
> I am cleaning one PDP8E box with some boards inside. Previously to do
> some
> cleaning of the internal boards, I tried to fire up the computer
> yesterday.
> In appeareance nothing is wrong no strange smells, no burns, no clouds,
> no
> boom!, etc...)
> But... I don't have the front key :-)
> One ACE xx2247 is needed. I don't have one available, and is impossible
> for
> me to get one in my country (Spain).
> I would be grateful is someone could provide me one, or even a couple.
> Contact me off list if you want to discuss details.
> Regards
> Sergio

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