blowing PAL fuses

Ben bfranchuk at
Thu Jul 15 02:03:14 CDT 2010

Eric Smith wrote:
> dwight elvey wrote:
>> I'm creating a JEDEC file to blow a 16R4. I have a question.
>> On a row that isn't used, is it better to blow all but two of
>> the fuses or not blow any?
> It sounds like you're not using PALASM, but I'd recommend looking at
> what PALASM does, and then doing the same thing.

I thought for the original MMI PAL's you just blew a fuse,
where you needed a link made. One could just mark out from the
PAL pin out the fuses needed to be blown, with out having to
use software and convert that to a 512x8 ROM mapping.

>> Which is better from a power point of view?
> I don't think there's any difference (for an actual bipolar PAL), but I
> suppose I wouldn't bet money on it without giving it a try.
> Eric

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