68K ISA project

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Jul 17 13:00:20 CDT 2010

> I wrote:
>  >> Rocky Mountain BASIC is what evolved from the 9830, 9835, 9845, etc.
> Tony Duell wrote:
>  > OK... Although IMHO HP9830 BASIC is farily clsoe to HP85 BASIC and 
> wildly
>  > different from the RMB I run on the HP9000... But I guess that's how
>  > things evolve.
> Yes.  I'm sure the 9830 influenced the developers of the 85.

I'm almost certain it did. Of course _I_ prefer the 9830 to any 80-series 

>  >> Technical BASIC is what evolved from the 83/85/9905, 86/87, 75, etc. It
>  > 9915? The rackmount 85.
> Yes, that's what I meant.  Thanks!

I really must get round to making a keyboard for mine sometime. Finding 
an original is next-to-imposible, of course.

>  >> was first called Technical BASIC on the 9807A Integral, but later was
>  >> available for HP-UX on other 9000 systems.
>  >> There were enough differences between the two that many customers
>  >> complained about the lack of Rocky Mountain BASIC for the Integral.
>  > Now that I can well understand. While I love the Integral, I do wonder
>  > why it was made so different to the 9000/200 machines. I wish it took the
>  > same I/O cards, for a start...
> Because the Integral was designed by Corvallis Division, as a 
> followon/replacement for the 80 series, and all the other 9000 machines 
> were designed by Fort Collins Division.

While I don't doubt that, I think it's clear to anyone who looks at the 
machines that the 9826 was a replacement for the 85. Just look at them 
from the front -- all in one box, small built-in CRT on the left, mass 
storage to the right of it, etc. YEs, they're very different inside...

Did the disk/tape drive diagnostic software ever exist for the Integral? 
(Things like the CS/80 external exerciser). It was available for the 
HP85, and the 9000/200s, etc. But having it on a portable machine would 
be really handy (both for HP field servoids back in the day, and for me 
now). But Iv'e never heard of it.


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