Tek fiches found! (was: Looking for Tektronix 4051 programs...)

Philip Belben philip at axeside.co.uk
Sat Jul 17 15:51:08 CDT 2010

Back in May I said

> Some microfiches of Tek manuals, including a large number of issues of 
> the 4050 Series Software Library Newsletter (later Tekniques magazine). 
>  It was one of these that I printed out in order to type in the 
> Christmas card program.
> The microfiches were given me by someone in Tek UK when I was 
> researching the talk I gave at the VCF in Santa Clara in 1998.  I never 
> wrote and thanked them, for which I feel horribly guilty.
> If someone has the equipment to scan microfiches, and is prepared to put 
> in the time to sort the stuff and get it online, I shall be happy to 
> hand them over.  I could probably scan some manuals too - I think the 
> scanner at work will do the A3 or ANSI B pages.

I've found my Tek microfiche collection!

Twenty-nine fiches (although some have only a few sheets, and one has 
only a single sheet) with marketing announcements, brochures, manuals, 
and a lot of back issues of the 4050 series newsletter (which later 
became Tekniques magazine)

I'd like to see this preserved - does anyone have a scanner that will do 
fiche, and the time to work on these to get good quality scans?  If so, 
I'll lend you the fiches.

The size reduction seems to be about 24 times, so to get the equivalent 
of 400dpi from the originals you need to scan at 9600dpi.  I'm not sure 
whether the quality is there, though.

(I just asked my scanner to have a go at the first page, and it's been 
sitting thinking about it for nearly half an hour now.  I think that's 
because it has to synthesise the higher resolutions from several scans, 
or something, but even so.)


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