Fanfold paper tape storage bins/trays

Rich Alderson RichA at
Thu Jul 22 14:50:00 CDT 2010

Serious question:  We have a number of paper tapes which have been stored
in paper boxes for quite some time.  I would like, if at all possible, to
move these into the kind of storage containers in which many of our tapes
already live.  These are transparent stable plastic with a lid, divided into
8 sections of Just the Right Size(TM) to hold fanfold paper tape.

There is probably no one who makes these any longer, but on the off chance
that I am wrong about that, does anyone know (a) who might make these, or
(b) what they are called, so that I can try to find them using one of the
large search engines, or (c) have a supply of them stashed with which the
current owner is willing to part?


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