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allison ajp166 at
Tue Jul 27 18:42:56 CDT 2010

On 07/27/2010 04:05 PM, Tony Duell wrote:
>>> For the reason already stated (HP would call it 'HPIB', not 'GPIB' or
>>> 'IEEE')_, I doubt it's an HP machine. Although to be honest, HP tended
>>> to
>>> just use a SEND command unless it as an HP9830 when it was CMD.
>> HP may well not have used the IEEE ref, but I would think the code was
>> more likely written by the end customer or the assembler of the ATE
>> system, not HP.
> Possible, but HP users tended to have the 'HPIB' name ingrained into
> them...

Everyone else does not and companies like Tektronix, Keithley
and a raft of others make gear for IEEE/GPIB bus.

>> For alternatives, what other companies made HPIB/GPIB/IEEE controllers?
> At that time, I would guess Tektronix did. Possibly Fluke? Actually just
> about anyotne in the ATE buisness would have done, surely?
> -tony

I wrote a metric bucket load of code for ATE using GPIB (IEEE) controller
in a PC using QBasic45/dos and a IO library supplied with the card.

Very common in industry, though old.  People have moved on to
RS485, Ethernet and smart devices using MPUs with tose interfaces.


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