OT: Anyone off to VCF-UK

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Wed Jun 2 16:34:43 CDT 2010

> > Is it similar to that ridiculous law that you can only buy Aspirin
> > tablets in boxes of 16 (or 32 from a registers pharmacy)? The idea behind
> > that was you couldn't buy enough to fatally overdose on. But if I was

On Wed, 2 Jun 2010, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
> Apparently it did have an effect on the suicide rate because it means
> you have to take deliberate and concerted action to do it. It's a lot
> harder than to just open a big pot and take 50 of them, as IIRC they
> also have to be individually wrapped, so you also have to push each one
> out of it's wrapping before you take it.
> This of course means that while you are doing it you are actually
> thinking about things, and may in the end decide not to do it.
> So basically it won't prevent you but it will slow you down.

or at least give you a headache!

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