Commodore C 900 documentation and software required ...

Bernd Kopriva bernd at
Thu Jun 3 09:37:15 CDT 2010

a short time ago, i got hold of a C 900 (bare machine only, no 
keyboard/monitor), that i want to get working again ...
I have already searched the Web for specs of keyboard and monitor but 
without success.
The machine has an AT-type keyboard plug, but it's not clear (at least 
for me), if a normal IBM compatible keyboard
will work. As i have the workstation version, the display resolution 
should be 1024*800 which seems to be a bit
uncommon, so i'm not sure, which monitor could work ...

Can anyone provide some documentation, that would help to find a working 
keyboard/monitor ?
Getting the software for the machine would be very helpful too ! ...

Thanks a lot

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