yet another pdp-8 in a fpga, but this time running tss/8

Al Kossow aek at
Sat Jun 5 18:58:06 CDT 2010

On 6/5/10 3:52 PM, Nigel Williams wrote:
> outstanding effort Brad! well done.
> I like how you chose to do one of the less well known PDP-8 models too - is
> that model special to you?

Edusystem-50 (TSS/8) was developed to run on that model. It took a lot of effort
at the University of Wisconsin to have DEC ship us an 8/e instead, since by that time the
8/i was pretty long in the tooth. It also let us add an RK8-E later on for secondary
storage, which is reflected in the UWM monitor code that is on bitsavers. Adding the RK
made the system self-hosting. You would take down TSS/8, bring up OS/8 and rebuild the

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