yet another pdp-8 in a fpga, but this time running tss/8

jim s jws at
Sat Jun 5 19:22:47 CDT 2010

Great job, Brad.

I downloaded your drop, and am looking at it and admit I don't know 
anything about verilog.  I see that you used gpl-cver, and found a 
version of it available to look at the verilog stuff.  It seems to work 
okay, but I might caution anyone who downloads it not to try to run it 
as 64 bit, the outfit who developed it uses code which does not work in 
that mode.

In one of the scripts,, there is a line which seems to want to 
load a pli "so" file, which is not included with the cver.  The download 
I got has only what seem to be include files for the pli, and your 
reference implies there was more there.


Can you or someone share what else I'm missing to try this.

Very interesting and thanks,


On 6/5/2010 10:45 AM, Brad Parker wrote:
> I know it's crazy, but I finally got my FPGA based PDP-8/I to boot TSS/8.

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