old Sun SCSI chips

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> I'm trying to nail down the differences between FAS101 and 53C96 SCSI
> chips
> used in Sun systems/boards.
> I believe the 53C96 is 5MB/sec SCSI and the FAS101 if 10MB/sec.
> (I found specs for Macs with the 53c96 that say 5MB/sec which is where
> I got that # from).  A Sun infodoc article lumps up the FAS101 and MACIO,
> doesn't indicate the speed of the FAS101, but indicates the MACIO is
> 10MB/sec.

Yes, the 53C96 supported *unenhanced* SCSI 2 operations, meaning 5 MB/s
maximum theoretical transfer speed.

If you wanted *Fast* SCSI-2 (10 MB/s) you needed the 53CF96.

I do not know anything about the FAS101.

Jeff Walther

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