Model M Keyboard problem

Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Jun 8 22:49:20 CDT 2010

> > Turn it over and on end, and shake it and rap it a good one.
> > If that doesn't help, do NOT remove the space bar!  But you can pop
> > the other keytops off and clean out the top.

On Tue, 8 Jun 2010, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> What's that about not removing the space bar?  I've done that on
> several of the model Ms that I own.  What's supposed to be the
> problem (other than getting the equalizer wire put back right)?

Almost anybody can pop the other keys off and back on.  Getting them in
the right places is another issue.  Is that how AZERTY and Dvorak were

But, I was too lazy to write out the special procedures for dealing with
the space bar.

> But foreign matter is usually the problem.  Today I ate an oatmeal
> cookie over my model M and the return key stuck.  Turning the
> keyboard upside down and giving it a couple raps on the desktop
> dropped the crud out.

Surely y'all are familiar with the "Pepsi Syndrome"?

Subject: OFF-TOPIC: Re: A Coke/Pepsi funny!

On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, S wrote:
> >           Now I really do like Pepsi!!!

All of those tips work equally well with both (BTW, for a
rusted bolt, plan on soaking overnight, NOT a few minutes)

BUT, ...
I have always reassured my programming students that nothing that
they accidentally enter through the keyboard of their computers
would actually DAMAGE the computer.  One wiseguy said,"I entered a Pepsi."

After "The China Syndrome", when Three Mile Island happened, Saturday
Night Live apeculated that it was caused by "The Pepsi Syndrome", the
result of spilling a Pepsi into a computer keyboard.

Shortly after that, the U.S.A. and USSR (CCCP) normalized diplomatic
relations enough to import vodka and export Pepsi to Russia.
That was followed almost immediately by Chernobyl.
Surely that could not be coincidence!

Until their recent bailout, Apple computers ride onto the rocks
was with a former Pepsi executive at the helm.

Ever since we banned Pepsi from our computer lab,
we have not had any meltdowns!


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