Programing PDP-8 assembler - details

Rick Murphy rick at
Wed Jun 9 18:04:13 CDT 2010

At 10:50 AM 6/9/2010, Ben wrote:
>What are the programs needed to program under OS/8 in assembler
>using OS/8 as I/O for the assembler? What is the OS/8 handbook
>that lists the OS/8 system calls for OS/8 use from assembler.
>IS IT ONLINE as pdf?
>Planing to write a few new programs for the 8, because we have the

The assembler, loader, etc. are all part of the standard OS/8 distribution.

Documentation? You're probably looking for the OS/8 Software Support 
has a bunch of useful OS/8 documents; see ssm.doc, for example.

(These '.doc' files are text files.)

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