Pets (was Re: Model M Keyboard problem)

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jun 10 13:23:00 CDT 2010

Pets -- and not he Commodore flavour :-)
> > I am seriously considering giving a home ot another cat sometime. Not to
> > replace Pentina, you can't replace a cat. But a different friend to sit
> > on my service manuals, shed hairs in my disk drives, try to trip me up,
> > and so on.
> I prefer the kind that are perfectly content to sit on your knee, 
> purring away. Though dogs have their own redeeming qualities... :)

Oh IO am very much a 'cat' person. I don't think I would want any other 
animal as a companion. The unpredictability of cats is their charm to me. 
I want something that is going to sit on my schemaitcs, decide that the 
spidle I dropped is an ideal toy to bat around the floor, leap onto my 
workbench when I am handling tiny screws and so on. 


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