looking for a working 11/05 (KD11-B) board setu

Ian King IanK at vulcan.com
Sat Jun 12 20:21:25 CDT 2010

Tony has a good point here: it's usually the support stuff (power supplies, connectors) that bugger up a machine of this simplicity.  -- Ian 
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Subject: Re: looking for a working 11/05 (KD11-B) board setu

> My 11/05 was not working when I bought it and I would like
> to find a known good board set so that I can verify functionality
> of the rest of the machine and then possibly diagnose the defective
> board set.
> Does anyone have a known good KD11-B board set (M7260, M7261) which
> they would be willing to part with?

I rteally don't see what goof a working processor board set will do...

What is the machine doing or not doing? Have you checked all the power
lines (at least the +5V and -15V) at the backplane? Can you do anything
from the front panel? Read/write memory?


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