Authentic PDP-11 rack available for rescue in London

Jonathan PDP11 jonathan.pdp11 at
Sun Jun 13 08:39:47 CDT 2010

Dear All

I have a PDP-11 rack available for rescue in central London.  It's just the
metal rack, no computer or power supply.  Sadly space is no longer available
for it.

It's the cream-coloured style, about 42-inches tall, with a radiused top, to
match your 11/34 and RL02s.  Has both sides, top, and two front blanking
panels.  Has a few rust spots but not too bad.  Castors.  It looks like this
11/94 <>.

It would really suit someone trying to achieve an authentic "cream period"
PDP-11 which I believe began with the 11/04 in 1976.

I might be able to find one or two more pieces, I think even an old power
supply for a 11/34.

Free for anyone who would like to collect it.  Would require a van or at
least an estate car.

Any takers?

Kind regards,

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