Commodore C 900 documentation and software required ...

Bernd Kopriva bernd at
Wed Jun 16 09:22:56 CDT 2010

i'm not familiar with all that Amiga and Commodore 8 bit stuff, but at 
it should be not too hard to get a Amiga keyboard :) ... the C-900 predates the Amiga, i'm not sure, if the keyboard will fit

Ciao Bernd

Brian Lanning wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 2:30 PM, Zane H. Healy<healyzh at>  wrote:
>> I assume most of us have never seen a C900.  I need to google it, as I'm
>> curious as to what it actually is.
> I had to google it also.  I found a page.  It's a Z8000 based computer
> that commodore was working on.  They ditched it when they bought amiga
> and sent all the prototype machines to a scrap company.  So that would
> make them very rare.
> It also ran Coherent which was a pre-linux attempt to recreate a
> non-unix unix.  I used to run it on my 486 laptop.  It worked great.
> Good luck finding that software now.  Although I'm sure a crazy
> collector out there has it.
> As for the keyboard, if a PC keyboard doesn't work, you might want to
> try one from an amiga 2000.  They had the same connector, but were not
> PC compatible.
> For the video, I'd just plug in any old VGA multi-sync monitor.
> 1024x800 just sounds like 1024x768 with some overscan.
> As a side note, I'd love to have that case for a hacking project.  But
> such a thing would be unforgivable if the motherboard weren't a total
> loss.
> brian

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