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Mon Jun 21 07:18:03 CDT 2010

On 21/06/10 10:44, Andy Holt wrote:
> I went to David Ahl's talk. Pity so few others did (less than 2 dozen
> altogether) - how fleeting is fame :-(

It was double-booked with Tony Sale's Colossus Rebuild talk... I went 
for the Colossus talk because I thought I'd have to be back on the M1 
for 4PM (and would thus miss the 'second showing'), and as it turned out 
Mum wanted to stay longer to look round the museum.

It would have been nice if the pamphlet had included a brief biog of the 
speakers and what they'd be talking about. I'm terrible with names; it 
took a Google search to remind me who David Ahl was, but if you'd said 
"editor, Creative Computing magazine"... well.

Half of the talks were listed as "In the museum" or "In the mansion"... 
OK, that says which building they're in, but which room in that 
building? Ugh.

The "Enigma Cinema" wasn't even on the map -- we didn't notice that 
until we were walking out the gates at 5PM. The leaflet also explained 
that there would be demonstrations of the Bombe (Enigma key-cracker) 
machine "in B-block". We were there six hours and didn't manage to find 

But as I've said previously -- it was a great show. Nice turnout, no 
doubt I bumped into a few other classiccmp'ers, but only John Honniball 
unmasked me... evidently my disguise was too good! :)

> Other than PDP-11s, the minicomputer era was practically ignored; Perqs were
> the only obvious examples of the workstation era;

There were PERQs? Where?!

> one of the two visitors wearing T-shirts with the motto:
> There's no place like

My friend's got one of those... a little too geeky for my taste. Though 
that said I do have these:
    "Stand back! I know regular expressions!" (XKCD)
    "sudo make me a sandwich" (XKCD)
    "dreaming of androids" (complete with a picture of an electric sheep)
    "Nikitak Dance" -- a six-legged, white-furred alien critter dancing. 
if you're interested. Only readers of the comic are likely to get the 
joke, and even then it's really subtle.

I go for subtlety... sometimes too subtle :)

> I should obviously have found my "Happiness is Honeywell" Snoopy Tshirt
> instead!

Got a picture? The Great Oracle (er... Google) doesn't seem to want to 

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