photos from VCF UK etc

Roger Pugh rogpugh at
Mon Jun 21 16:25:23 CDT 2010

> Practically nonexistent. Even the bring-and-buy stand (actually the 
> "charity stall" -- three or four tables in an L-shape, all proceeds 
> going to charity) at the 2005 Wakefield RISCOS Show was bigger than 
> that. (Though IIRC this was scrapped or at least severely downsized in 
> the more recent shows; can anyone confirm?)
> The BP fleamarket seemed to be all BBC Model Bs, Sinclair Spectrums 
> and ZX81s. Starting prices around the £50 mark..... yeesh. As I 
> understand it, it was all extras from the TNMoC collection, not a 
> bring-and-buy.

I was dissapointed with this.  Apparently the organisers had run out of 
time to organise it, i for one would have bought a boot (trunk) full of 
Personally, i think the future of an electronic/electrical flea market 
is going to be on uncertain legal ground for any organiser in the UK, 
perhaps there should be unofficial ones, that way the organiser isn't 


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