photos from VCF UK etc

jim s jws at
Tue Jun 22 02:52:40 CDT 2010

PDP 8/L about 2 years ago at TRW.  everyone was looking at it and 
marveling at how old it was, and I was counting the 12 front panel 
switches, and getting out my $1.

TRW (Northrup / Grumman, LA)swap meet has a combination of computer 
users (like me with more than one PC in the house, and potentially a big 
pile running), HAMs with their junk (sometimes bring in old computer 
stuff), people dumping tailings from local DMRO (or whatever) sales, or 
just scrappers with odd bits of stuff.

The computer scrap stores around are pretty much gone now, you have to 
know the scrappers and deal with them.  And I"m not talking about 
"recyclers" though they might yield some things.


On 6/22/2010 12:05 AM, Rob Jarratt wrote:
> Would you say that a radio rally was a potential good source for computer
> equipment for someone who is not interested in radio, or were you just
> lucky? I have had a look to see what is on in my area and there is a radio
> rally coming up near me quite soon and I am wondering if it would be worth
> going along.
> Regards
> Rob

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